The "challenge cup" guided by teacher Lu Xuebin of our research group won the outstanding award of the 14th "challenge cup"

      Recently, the work "Research on the Classification and Resource Recycling System of Campus Waste----Taking Taiwan and Mainland Universities as Examples", which was directed by Teacher Lu Xuebin of our research group, won the outstanding award of the 14th "challenge cup" Tianjin university students extracurricular academic science and technology works competition.

       Mr. Lu Xuebin was selected as the municipal "Excellent Instructor". This was the second time that he had been awarded this honor after the 13th "challenge cup".The award-winning work are of novel ideas, sufficient basis, clear elaboration, and put forward a practical implementation plan for waste classification.
       The 14th "challenge cup" Tianjin university student extracurricular academic science and technology works competition was jointly organized by the Tianjin Municipal Youth League Committee, Municipal Education Committee, Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Municipal Commission of Education, Municipal Science and Technology Committee, Municipal Academic Fellowship Alliance. The aim is to guide and inspire the majority of students to seek truth from facts, study assiduously and be creative, as well as to cultivate students’ innovative spirit and practical ability. It’s known as the "Olympics" event for contemporary university students' science and technology innovation for its great achievements.This year's "Challenge Cup" competition received a total of 690 entries from 40 colleges and universities. After screening through "school selection-university selection-municipal selection", only 34 works were selected as the outstanding award.

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