Warm congratulations to all the 15 grade master students in my group who successfully passed the defense

Full wings, forge ahead
      On December 4, 2017, all the teachers of the air pollution control and biomass energy laboraroty and the graduate students on the 43 building of the circular lecture hall, held the 2015 graduate students' Graduation defense meeting.

       This is a special day. After two and a half years of hard exploration, they wandered in the sea of practical knowledge of Tianjin University, infiltrated in the rigorous and serious academic atmosphere of the school of environment science and technology, and gained rich and accumulated knowledge. The 2015 graduate students gathered their academic achievements during the graduate period and reported to the teachers. At the time of the presentation, the students wil give you the essence of their academic career.

       In response to the students' reports, the teachers either praised them, expressed their affirmation, or seriously corrected them. Students are open-minded to accept, careful proof, bear in mind the inculcation, do not forget the rigorous style of study. After a day's report, the defense meeting ended successfully, and 10 students successfully passed the master's defense!

       At the end of the the defense meeting, Mr. Liu Qingling kindly instructed all the students who will graduate: The successful graduation of graduate students is the successful end of a stage in the long road, and the next new starting point of glorious life. Encourage everyone to work hard!

       In the future, you will sail and sail, and we will watch here. We hope you will break the waves in the future voyage and bloom your own brilliant light!

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