Tianjin University has made a breakthrough in ship exhaust treatment technology

       Guangming Daily, Tianjin, January 9 (reporter Liu Qian, Chen Jianqiang) ship exhaust is one of the sources of air pollution, in which nitrogen oxide and other pollutants are widely concerned. The reporter learned from Tianjin University that the "atmospheric environment and bioenergy team" of Environmental College of Tianjin University has made important progress in the field of ship exhaust control recently.

      Supported by the key R & D plan of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, the team designed and prepared a new catalyst system based on Cr2O3 for NOx treatment of ships through a simple and easy precipitation method. The related achievement "Research on the performance promotion of SO2 corresponding to new Cr2O3 catalyst for NH3-SCR of ships" was published in the Chemical Engineering Journal, which is international high level journal of Environmental Engineering.
      At present, SCR is internationally recognized as one of the most effective methods to remove nitrogen oxides. However, due to the use of inferior heavy oil as fuel, the sulfur content in the tail gas of the ship mobile source is significantly higher than that of other types of waste gas. SO2 will react with NH3 to generate sulfate, which will adhere to the surface of SCR catalyst and make the catalyst inactive. The new catalytic material designed and synthesized by the team has significantly improved the performance in the presence of SO2 and promoted the NH3-SCR reaction. This series of catalyst materials have important theoretical value and application prospect for solving the problem of NOx removal in low temperature and high sulfur atmosphere.
      At present, the NOx emission of most domestic fuel oil ships is still difficult to meet international standards. The research on the key technologies and materials of ship tail gas treatment is of great strategic significance to break through the technical blockade of foreign countries, promote the development of green shipping and ship energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce the emission of air pollutants from ships and environmental protection.
      (Reprinted from Guangming Daily, January 10, 2019, edition 08, editor: Fu Kaixuan) (Website:http://epaper.gmw.cn/gmrb/html/2019-01/10/nw.D110000gmrb_20190110_3-08.htm?from=timeline&isappinstalled=0)

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