Years quiet good, not urgent not impetuous——On Dr. Zhao Qian's graduation defense meeting

       On May 22, 2019, the wind is warm and the sky is clear. All the teachers and students of the atmospheric environment and bioenergy research group gathered in room 506, 43 building, Beiyang garden, to witness a memorable moment ——the graduation defense of Zhao Qian, a student of the research group.

      Zhao Qian is a doctoral student in Environmental Science of Tianjin University in 2015. She learn from Mr. Liu Qingling and focus on air pollution control. Years are like songs, four years passed quietly like water. Living in the warm and harmonious family of atmospheric environment and bioenergy research group, under the guidance of Mr. Liu Qingling, Zhao Qian has made remarkable achievements after four years of hard research; She has published three top papers, one SCI paper, and seven patents, two of which have been authorized.

      This time, she condensed her four-year work and handed in an answer sheet with her four-year hard work to the teachers. Her thesis defense topic is: preparation of Co based oxide catalyst and its catalytic performance for VOCs. At the oral defense meeting, Zhao Qian presented the research results during the doctoral period to all the evaluation experts one by one. All review experts fully affirmed their research results and put forward corresponding valuable opinions; while expressing appreciation, each review expert put forward their own questions. Zhao Qian, with years of scientific research, answered each question one by one. It has been recognized by many judges. After discussion and research, the final jury unanimously passed the resolution: Zhao Qian passed the doctoral graduation defense!

      In the past four years, the tireless research process of Zhao QianI have been witnessed , a quiet girl in the laboratory. She is always devoting herself to scientific research day and nigh in the experiment. She can still be seen sitting in front of the computer to process data when the light is dim. In the face of numerous and complicated experiments, she is patient with no rashness. She is determined to move forward steadily. According to her own rhythm and direction day and night, she has made one gratifying result after another, and set an excellent example for junior brothers and sisters.
      In the near future, Zhao Qian will go to a broader stage to show her talents with the accumulation and blessing of the research group. We are deeply attached to her, and at the same time, we are full of hope that she can make persistent efforts, have a good life and make remarkable achievements!

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