Associate research Professor Song Chunfeng's team published a cover paper in《Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research》

       In August 2019, the team of Associate research Professor Song Chunfeng in Air pollution control and biomass energy laboraroty of the school of environmental science and engineering of Tianjin University, made important research progress in the field of CO2 capture and biotransformation. In the international scientific journal《Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research》(one of the three international authoritative Chemical Journals), the scientific research achievement《Novel Regeneration and Utilization Concept Using Rich Chemical Absorption Solvent As a Carbon Source for Microalgae Biomass Production》(DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.9b02134)was published in the form of cover paper. The corresponding author is Associate research Professor Song Chunfeng, and Tianjin University is the first signatory.        Song Chunfeng's team has long been committed to the field of efficient CO2 capture and resource-based research. Its main research direction is unconventional CO2 separation at low temperature and its coupling, as well as biological transformation and resource-based technology. At present, there are technical bottlenecks in CO2 capture, such as high cost and large energy consumption. The process mode of CO2 chemical absorption coupled with microalgae biotransformation can not only overcome the low efficiency of traditional microalgae CO2 fixation technology, but also avoid the problem of high energy consumption in the desorption process of absorption liquid. The team took bicarbonate formed by carbonate absorbing CO2 as a link to provide carbon source for microalgae culture, and explored the influence of different algae species and culture modes, which greatly promoted the carbon fixation capacity of microalgae, increased its carbon fixation efficiency to more than 60%, and finally realized the efficient transformation of microalgae biomass with the highest added value of inorganic carbon elements. This study shows that bicarbonate as the link of CO2 absorption and biotransformation may be a promising alternative to traditional CO2 capture and resource technology.
       The above research work has been supported by the international cooperation project of the national key R & D plan, the National Natural Science Foundation, the Tianjin youth talent promotion project, and the Tianjin Natural Science Foundation. (Editor:Qiu Yiting)

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