The first China-Japan symposium on "Efficient CO2 Capture and Resource Recovery" was successfully held

      On December 7, 2019, the first china-japan symposium on "efficient CO2 capture and resource recovery" was successfully held at 43-b506, school of environment, new campus of tianjin university.The conference was hosted by song chunfeng, associate researcher of our institute, and invited more than 20 participants including Yasuki Kansha, Dr. Yuki Sato, Christina Nielsen, Shoma Kato, associate professor of the university of Tokyo, as well as wang xiaojing, associate professor of the school of chemical engineering, tianjin university, and shi fu, associate professor of the school of environmental sciences.

       During the seminar, associate professor Kansha made a detailed introduction to Japan's progress in the fields of CO2 emission, separation, storage and utilization, and clearly stated that CO2 capture and utilization are important ways to save energy.Yuki Sato, Christina Nielsen, Shoma Kato et al respectively introduced researches on CO2 membrane separation and biological transformation.Then, song chunfeng, an associate researcher, introduced China's major national demand for carbon emission reduction, and combined with the advantages of Chinese and Japanese research teams in unconventional CO2 capture and reuse, process optimization, waste heat integration and other fields, proposed a new idea to solve the high energy consumption of CO2 capture and reuse.In addition, based on the concept of bionics, associate professor shi fu from tianjin university introduced a new artificial carbon sequestration method that simulates cell photosynthesis and combines with catalytic reactions to convert CO2 into value-added organic matter.
       This workshop based on approved in 2019 national key r&d plan - the intergovernmental cooperation project "efficient CO2 capture and resource recycling key technology" (project number: 2017 yfe0127200, project director, deputy researcher chun-feng song), aims to promote the two sides in the CO2 capture and fusion technology in the field of recycling, and provide technical support for energy conservation and emissions reduction technology between China and Japan.

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