Duan Haoran, a postdoctoral researcher, returned to his alma mater to give an academic report

       On the morning of December 30, 2019, at the invitation of the atmospheric research group of the college of environmental science and engineering, postdoctoral researcher Duan Haoran of the university of Queensland, Australia, gave an academic report on the theme "Existence of NOB in Raw Wastewater and its Effects on the Stability of Maintenance NOB suppressions" in the B511 report hall. Professor Liu Qingling, dean of the Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering, presided over the report, and teachers and students of relevant specialties of the Institute participated in the report.
      At the beginning of the lecture, President Liu Qingling introduced the research and education background of researcher Duan Haoran and warmly welcomed him to his alma mater for academic exchanges. At the meeting, researcher Duan Haoran first gave an overall introduction to his research field. Subsequently, he explained in detail the relevant work done during his PhD, including the principle of treating sludge with free nitrous acid, the problems encountered in practical application, and the experimental exploration and corresponding results obtained to solve the relevant problems. Researcher Duan Haoran impressed the participants with his excellent report content and pragmatic speech style. After the meeting, many teachers and students interested in the sense of direction took part in the discussion and exchange. researcher Duan Haoran patiently answered the relevant questions in detail. the scene was lively and the discussion was lively.
      In this report, researcher Duan Haoran introduced the new technology of using biological method to treat sludge to improve the efficiency of sewage treatment. It provided many references for teachers and students of environmental engineering specialty. At the same time, it also broadened students' scientific research vision and stimulated students' scientific research enthusiasm.

       Researcher Duan Haoran currently works in the College of Chemical Engineering of Queensland University in Australia. His research direction is new biological denitrification technology and resource recovery in wastewater treatment system. He has made great contributions to the development of a variety of new wastewater and waste activated sludge treatment technologies. He has published many papers in high-level journals including Environmental Science & Technology and Water Research (JCR Q1), with 304 citations.

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