Congratulations to Yunli Ge, master student in our group, who won the Excellent Thesis Award for Engineering Degree in Tianjin in 2019

      Recently, the excellent thesis selection of Tianjin Engineering degree Graduate students in 2019 held by Tianjin Engineering Degree Education Steering Committee came to an end, and the thesis named "Preparation and Evaluation of New Ce/Mn doped Noble Metal Catalysts for Low Temperature Catalytic Oxidation of Acetone" completed by Yunli Ge, a master student under the guidance of Pro. Qingling Liu, was awarded as an excellent thesis.

      Volatile organic compound (VOCs) is one of the vital sources of air pollution, and it is an important precursor to form photochemical smog and ozone hole, which is seriously harmful to human health and living environment. Acetone is a typical kind of VOCs in the pharmaceutical industry, which could easily cause water and air pollution. With the strict emission control of VOCs, acetone has attracted the attention of researchers. Low temperature catalytic oxidation is the main control technology of VOCs, and the core of this technology is to develop efficient low temperature catalysts. Noble metal catalysts have attracted much attention because of their robust low temperature activity, good selectivity and high thermal stability. This paper focused on the novel catalysts PtCe/TiO2 and PdMn/TiO2 which applied Pt and Pd as key components, and the probe reactant was acetone. Characterization methods such as XRD, TEM, TPR and XPS were carried out to describe the properties of the catalysts. Starting with the physicochemical properties, the structure and performance of the catalyst and the valence analysis of surface elements, the internal relationship between the performance and structure-activity of the catalyst was studied. The differences between PtCe/TiO2, PdMn/TiO2 and Pt/TiO2, Pd/TiO2 were also analyzed, which in fact could help to describe the catalytic reaction process and the mechanism of excellent catalytic performance of the catalysts.

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