Teacher Ji Na of our group was awarded the title of "Top Ten Outstanding Youths (Faculty)"

      On the afternoon of May 15, 2017, the final evaluation and deed interview of the 23rd "Top Ten Outstanding Youths (Faculty)" of Tianjin University came to a successful close at the “Da Tong” Student Activity Center.

       As is known, the "Top Ten Outstanding Youths (Faculty)" is held every two years, and the selection scope is the Tianjin University's on-the-job teaching staff whose age is under 35 years old. For each selection, a group of young faculty models have emerged who have made outstanding contributions in teaching, scientific research and management services. They have inherited the Peiyang spirit, demonstrated youthful demeanour, and inspired countless young faculty members to keep moving forward.

       After the process of independent registration, qualification review, preliminary evaluation etal, a total of 16 candidates finally had the opportunity to stand on the final evaluation stage.They talked about their outstanding achievements and deeds through interviews in the aspects of thought guidance, education and teaching, research and management. 21 experts from various departments of the school served as judges. In the end, Professor Ji Na of our research group was successfully selected as the first place of the “Top Ten Outstanding Youths (Faculty)” and won the honorary title of “Outstanding Teaching and Education Award”.

      In December 2013, Ms.Ji Na was introduced to Tianjin University. She has the identities of the associate professor of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, doctoral supervisor, Peiyang Youth Key Teacher of Tianjin University, assistant to the dean, and deputy director of National Key Laboratory of Bio-based Oil and Gas in Petrochemical Industry.She has many considerable achievements in the aspects of scientific research, teaching, talent training, and administrative management. Besides, She is deeply respected by her students with her distinctive style in teaching and management.

       Finally, congratulations to Professor. Ji for being awarded the honorable title of "Top Ten Outstanding Youth (Faculty)" and "Excellent Teaching and Education Award" of Tianjin University!

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