Articles of Ge Yunli and Zhao Qian of our group were accepted by Applied Surface Science

      Our group Ge Yunli and Zhao Qian's article "Catalytic performance of the Pd / TiO2 modified with MnOx catalyst for acetone total oxidation" was accepted by Surface Journals of Applied Surface Science, the TOP journals in Q2.
       In this paper, a series of PdMn / TiO2 catalysts were prepared by a simple and easy-to-operate impregnation method, and acetone was used as the probe reactant to investigate the active site of the catalyst and the stability of the catalyst. The PdMn / TiO2 catalyst obtained by using Pd as the active component, Mn as the auxiliary agent and TiO2 as the carrier has significantly improved the catalytic activity compared with the single active component catalyst Pd / TiO2. This paper provides a theoretical basis and experimental basis for the exploration and application of Pd-based catalysts in the field of VOCs.

       Applied Surface Science is the TOP journal in Q2 of engineering technology in JCR Chinese Academy of Sciences, mainly covering the physical and chemical applications of surfaces and interfaces.

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