Performance evaluation meeting of the project "Research on high efficiency denitrification technology and key materials of marine exhaust gas" of national key R&D plan of our university held

      (Correspondent: Fu Kaixuan, Guo Miao)On September 26, the national key R&D plan led by Tianjin University - "Research on the causes of air pollution and control technology", the key special project "Research on efficient denitration technology and key materials for marine exhaust", was held in Tianjin University. Sun Guangping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Tianjin University, Tan Zhendong, director of social development and rural science and technology of Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau, project organization and recommendation unit, Yu Yunbo, researcher of ecological environment research center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chen Haijun, Professor of Nankai University, Chang Huazhen, professor of Renmin University of China, Li Min, Professor of Henan University of science and technology, Wang pan, Professor of Jiangsu University Wang Wenmei, researcher Li Qing of Fudan University, deputy director of vehicle emission inspection and control center of Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau, Liu Shiguang, deputy director of Scientific Research Institute of Tianjin University, Professor Liu Qingling, project leader, relevant management personnel of Scientific Research Institute, project leaders and more than 30 research backbones attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Liu Shiguang, vice president of the Research Institute.

       Deputy Secretary sun Guangping said: warmly welcome the arrival of experts. The comprehensive performance evaluation of this project is carried out according to the comprehensive performance evaluation of key R & D projects, aiming at the comprehensive performance evaluation of all subjects under the project. Take this opportunity to hope that the experts can "take a good pulse" for the project, refine the landmark results, and lay the foundation for the future comprehensive performance evaluation of the project. At the same time, we hope to strengthen the relationship between colleges and research institutes, and jointly improve the scientific and technological innovation capacity of our unit.

      Director Tan Zhendong said: the general secretary said that the construction of ecological civilization is the fundamental plan for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. The research of this project can promote the construction of ecological civilization in our city. It is hoped that the project team can refine the research results, actively promote the transformation of achievements, and should take more active social responsibility to promote the development of relevant industries in Tianjin by means of scientific and technological innovation.

      The project leader, Professor Liu Qingling, introduced the overall situation of the project. The project leader, Dr. Lian Zhihua from the Institute of urban environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Liu Caixia from Tianjin University, Prof. Liu Qingling and Prof. Liang Xingyu respectively reported the performance self-evaluation of their respective projects to the expert group.

      The expert group listened to the report carefully, reviewed the performance evaluation materials of the project, and questioned the person in charge of the project. After discussion, the expert group unanimously agreed that all subjects of the project passed the performance evaluation, and put forward suggestions for further improvement of the project and promotion of industrial application.

      The national key research and development plan "Research on efficient denitration technology and key materials of marine exhaust gas" is led by the school of environment of Tianjin University, and jointly undertaken by the Institute of urban environment of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Institute of internal combustion engine of Tianjin University. The project focuses on the research and development of marine exhaust high-efficiency denitration technology catalyst, aiming to develop marine exhaust high-efficiency denitration materials and technologies with low-temperature activity, low-temperature sulfur resistance, environmental friendliness and small volume.

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