Congratulations to Dr. Han rui, pre-hired teacher of our group, whose paper was accepted by Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

      In December 2019, Han Rui, a pre-hired teacher of the Atmospheric Environment and Bioenergy Task Force at Tianjin University's School of Environment, wrote 《High-performance CaO-based composites synthesized using a space-confined chemical vapor deposition strategy for thermochemical energy storage》is received by solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells journal. The author of the paper communication is Professor Liu Qingling, and Tianjin University is the first signed unit.
       Due to the intermittent characteristics of solar energy, solar thermal power stations must be coupled with heat storage devices to ensure the continuous supply of electricity. The Thermochemical storage technology based on calcium cycle process (CaCO3↔CaO-CO2) has the advantages of abundant raw material, environment-friendly and high heat storage density, and is a promising heat storage technology. The bottleneck problem of this technology is the sintering of CaO in the circular reaction. In this work, the thermally stable oxide stabilizer deposited on the surface of CaO crystalline grain through a facile space-confined chemical vapor deposition process, and prevented the aggregation and overgrowth of CaO. This study provides a reference for the development of high-performance calcium-based heat storage materials.
       Solar Energy Energy and Solar Cells are scientific journals published by Esseweel, covering research related to solar materials and solar cells, and are listed in the Journal of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Division 1 Top, With impact factor 6.019.

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