The teachers of the atmosphere group went to Xi'an to participate in the 25th Air Pollution Prevention and Control Conference and invited them

       On April 9-11, 2021, the "25th Air Pollution Control Technology Symposium" hosted by the Chinese Environmental Society was successfully held in Xi'an, Shaanxi. Professor Liu Qingling and Professor Song Chunfeng of our group were invited to participate in the topics of "Research and Application of Environmental Functional Materials for Air Pollution Prevention and Control" and "Industrial CO2 Emission Reduction Technology" respectively, and did "Selective Adsorption and Catalysis: The Design Art of Environmental Functional Materials" , "The key role of BECCS in the process of carbon neutrality" report. At the same time, Mr. Song Chunfeng's report won the best oral report. Participants also included teacher Han Rui of the Atmosphere Group and a number of masters and doctors. During the meeting, teachers and students of the Atmosphere Group had in-depth discussions and exchanges with participating experts and scholars.

      Since its establishment in 1995, the Air Pollution Control Technology Seminar has become the most academically influential event in the field of air pollution control in my country, and has been successfully held for 24 sessions. Since the Tianda Environmental and Atmospheric Team was established by Professor Liu Qingling in 2013, the teachers and students of the team have actively participated in the conference every year and conducted research with domestic colleagues on the research characteristics of the research team and the latest research progress in the direction of air pollutant purification and greenhouse gas emission reduction. In-depth communication, make a big voice of Tianda, and build a brand of Tianda.

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