He Lijun of our group won the Excellent Oral Report Award of the 12th National Conference on Environmental Catalysis and Environmental Materials

       June 18-20, 2021, hosted by the Catalysis Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society, undertaken by Shanghai University, and co-organized by Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and East China University of Science and Technology, the "Twelfth National Conference on Environmental Catalysis and Environmental Materials" was held in Shanghai . The theme of this conference is "Environmental Catalysis and Environmental Materials in the New Era", which comprehensively demonstrated the latest progress and new achievements in the field of environmental catalysis and environmental materials in the new era, focusing on international research frontiers, meeting national needs, and encouraging active exploration , In order to break through the technological bottleneck, and further promote the development and promotion of scientific and technological achievements in the field of environmental catalysis and environmental materials in my country. The conference included 5 specially invited academicians' reports and 9 sub-venues in total.

      Professor Liu Qingling from the Atmospheric Group of Tianjin University School of Environment was invited to participate in the topic of "Environmental (Catalytic) Materials" and published a report entitled "Design of VOCs Low-temperature Catalytic Materials and Controlled Preparation of In-Situ Carbon Confined Oxidation Strategies". Famous graduate students He Lijun, Wang Huijun and Zang Yuchao gave oral presentations respectively in the postgraduate special courses of "Catalytic Elimination of Gaseous Pollutants", "Environmental (Catalytic) Materials" and "Wastewater Catalytic Purification". Among them, PhD student He Lijun won the Excellent Oral Presentation Award, and his presentation theme It is "The anchoring of Ag particles on the surface of perovskite improves the oxidation performance of the catalyst". During the meeting, the teachers and students of the Atmosphere Group had a lively discussion with the participating experts and scholars, which fully demonstrated the positive and motivated spirit of the teachers and students of the Tianda Atmosphere Group. The information exchange and sharing of this meeting will be useful for the future research and study of the teachers and students. Has important help.

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