The 2021 annual committee meeting of carbon neutralization special committee of Tianjin renewable energy society was successfully held

       On December 31, 2021, the "carbon neutralization special committee of Tianjin renewable energy society" (hereinafter referred to as carbon neutralization special committee) led by Professor Song Chunfeng of our group successfully held the 2021 annual committee meeting. Due to the epidemic, the meeting was held online in the form of Tencent meeting. The conference was hosted by the carbon neutralization Committee of Tianjin renewable energy society and co organized by Tianjin young workers association.
       Liu Yuangang, director of academic department of Tianjin Association for science and technology, Professor Zhao Jun, chairman of Tianjin renewable energy society, Professor Zhao Li, secretary general and other leaders attended the meeting of the special committee and delivered a speech. The carbon neutralization Special Committee began planning in April 2021. After free registration in the early stage and multiple rounds of screening by the society, it was finally determined that Professor Song Chunfeng of our group served as the chairman, Deng Shuai, a distinguished researcher of the school of machinery of Tianjin University, served as the secretary general, and Professor Liu Qingling and Professor Lv Xuebin of our group served as the vice chairmen.
       At the meeting, Professor Song Chunfeng elaborated on the organizational structure, goal orientation and future planning of the special committee. He said that relying on Tianjin renewable energy society, the special committee will strive to build Tianjin carbon neutralization cooperation network and improve leadership. Through academic, scientific, technological, engineering and other salon activities, promote carbon neutralization cutting-edge technology exchange, project cooperation and talent training, radiate Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and help China's major strategic needs of "carbon peak and carbon neutralization". Subsequently, Professor Yan Beibei of our institute, director Gan Zhiyong of State Grid Tianjin Electric Power Research Institute and Professor Luo Jingshan of Nankai University made special reports on hot areas such as clean energy, power grid system optimization and carbon resource transformation, which provided broad ideas and opportunities for follow-up industry university research cooperation.
(Editor:Lian Shaohan,Wang Yunchong)

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