Qingling Liu   PhD, ProfessorCV
Research interests: environmental engineering, environmental catalysis, environmental functional materials, air pollution control
Education and work experience:
2013.12-present, school of environmental science and engineering, tianjin university, professor tutor
2011.02-2013.11 research assistant, department of chemical engineering, university of Delaware
2008.11-2010.12, postdoctoral, department of environmental and material chemistry, Stockholm university, Sweden
2003.09-2008.10, school of chemical engineering, dalian university of technology, major: chemical process, doctor
Teaching Courses:Air pollution control engineering (undergraduate); Air pollution control technology and application case (postgraduate)
Research Fields and Interests:(1)Environmental catalysis, gas adsorption and separation, design and application of environmental functional materials; (2)Removal technologies of SCR and VOCs; (3)Catalytic conversion technologies and key materials of NOx from diesel engine and ship exhaust; (4)VOCs concentration, adsorption and low temperature treatment technologies of tail gas from chemical and pharmaceutical industries; (5)Design and application of inorganic and organic porous materials and gas membrane materials. In the past five years, he has published more than 20 papers in international journals such as Chemical Engineering Journal, Green Chemistry, Ultrasonic Sonochemistry, Applied Catalysis A: General, Applied Surface Science, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Chemosphere, ChemCatChem et al.
Xuebin Lv Professor, doctoral supervisor (National Youth Talent)
Education and work experience:
    2019 to present, distinguished professor, School of science, Tibet University
    2019 present Professor, School of environmental science and engineering, Tianjin University
    2016-2019 College of science, Tibet University, the eighth batch of cadres assisting Tibet
    2012-2019 associate professor, School of environmental science and engineering, Tianjin University
    2009-2012 lecturer, School of environmental science and engineering, Tianjin University
    2007-2008 Department of environmental engineering, Danish Technical University, jointly training doctoral students
    2005-2009 doctor, major in chemical technology, School of chemical engineering, Tianjin University
    2002-2005 master of chemical technology, School of chemical engineering, Tianjin University
    1998-2002 Bachelor of chemical engineering and technology, Department of chemical engineering, Hebei Institute of Technology
Main research directions:
Mainly engaged in the resource utilization of organic solid waste. It has made in-depth research in the fields of comprehensive disposal and high-value utilization of multi-source solid waste, efficient depolymerization and value-added of non grain biomass based raw materials, and molecular catalytic synthesis and transformation of biomass platform. Relevant research results have been published in high-level international journals such as Angewandte Chemistry International Edition, applied catalysis B: environmental, renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, green chemistry, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, chemsuschem, etc. Presided over more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial projects, applied for 16 patents and authorized 9, and published more than 50 papers in related fields as the first or corresponding author.
Main courses:
Principles of Environmental Engineering (undergraduate), environmental protection and sustainable development (undergraduate), municipal solid waste disposal and recycling (Graduate).
Na Ji  CVProfessor, doctoral supervisor (resume), young talents in Tianjin, top ten outstanding young teachers and workers of Tianjin University, deputy director of the Department of environmental engineering of Tianjin University, and deputy director of the National Key Laboratory of bio based oil and gas in petrochemical industry.
Education and work experience:
From July 2021 to now, professor and doctoral supervisor, School of environmental science and engineering, Tianjin University
From December 2013 to June 2021, associate professor and doctoral supervisor, School of environmental science and engineering, Tianjin University
2012.09-2013.11: research assistant, Department of chemical engineering, University of Delaware
2011.01-2012.08, postdoctoral fellow, Institute of coal chemistry, Max Planck Society, Germany
2005.09-2010.12, doctor, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Main research areas:
(1) Catalytic conversion and utilization technology of biomass renewable resources; (2) Catalytic synthesis technology of biofuels and aviation kerosene; (3) Development of new catalyst materials and their application in biomass conversion; (4) Low temperature catalytic conversion and utilization technology of organic solid wastes such as plastics. Focusing on the above research topics, more than 70 SCI research papers have been published in international high-level academic journals in recent years, including 10 cover papers and 28 h-index index. Including: angelw Chem. Int. ed., ACS catalysis, applied catalysis B: environmental, chemsuschem, green chemistry, Journal of catalysis, Journal of energy chemistry, renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering and other internationally renowned journals, with a total citation rate of more than 2000 times. At present, he has presided over more than 20 scientific research projects, including 5 national scientific research projects and 6 provincial and ministerial fund projects; More than 60 patents have been applied for and 15 patents have been authorized, including 3 PCT international patents. The research results have attracted extensive attention from academia and industry.
Degang Ma  PhD, Associate ProfessorCV
Tel: 022-8740-1789
Ph.d. in environmental engineering, department of environmental engineering, tianjin university, 2007
Master. Tianjin University, Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning Engineering
Bacholer. Tianjin University, Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning Engineering
Main research: Sludge treatment and disposal theory and technology, soil pollution treatment and remediation, gas pollution control theory and technology
Lecures:  Air Pollution Control(Undergraduate); Environmental Impact Assessment(Undergraduate)
Chunfeng Song PhD, Research Professor
Tel: 022-8740-1255
Biography: Graduated from the University of Tsukuba in July 2013. From August 2013 to November 2014, he worked in Tokyo University (special researcher). In September 2014, he was a short-term visiting scholar at the National University of Singapore. In December 2014, he joined the school of environment, Tianjin University. He has won the titles of Tianjin overseas top level talents, Tianjin youth talents, Tianjin innovative talents, Tianjin University staff pioneer post, Tianjin University outstanding young teachers, etc. Mainly engaged in carbon emission reduction and carbon neutralization and other related fields. In the past five years, he has presided more than 20 scientific research projects such as international cooperation project of national key R & D program (chief scientist), National Natural Science Foundation of China (general, youth), Tianjin Natural Science Foundation, etc. He has published more than 60 SCI papers (2 highly cited papers, 1 hot topic paper and 4 cover papers), authorized 8 patents, and was invited to make 4 invited reports. The research results were reported by CCTV-10, people's daily, science and technology daily, Tianjin daily and other media.
Research interests: greenhouse gas emission reduction, environmental biotechnology, clean energy.
Lectures: Air pollution control, environmental engineering principle, air pollution control (English taught), practice and new technologies of air pollution control engineering(English taught), environmental protection and sustainable development.
Liu caixia, PhD,associate professor
Personal profile:
Associate Professor, master supervisor and CPC member, School of environmental science and engineering, Tianjin University
In January 2014, he graduated from the school of environment, Tsinghua University with a doctorate in engineering
Since September 2014, she has worked in the school of environment of Tianjin University
Main research interests: engaged in environmental chemistry, catalytic materials, air pollution control and prevention
Main courses: (1) air pollution control (2) air pollution chemistry and Physics
Han rui, CVPhD,assistant professor
Personal profile:
2009.9 ~ 2013.7 Harbin industrial university undergraduate course
2013.9~2019.7 Harbin Institute of Technology postgraduate and doctoral studies
2019.7~2022.1 tianjin university pre-hired teachers class A
2022.1~ now TIANJIN unisversity Associate professor
I have participated in and guided many science and technology competitions and won awards during my undergraduate study. I have rich experience in guiding science and innovation projects.During the doctoral period, I participated in a number of national natural science foundation of China and national key research and development projects.Environmental Science&Technology, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Applied Energy, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Chemical Engineering Journal,International journals in the fields of energy, environment and chemical engineering, such as Advanced Functional Materials, published 9 papers Main research interests: carbon dioxide capture and utilization, thermal and chemical storage and utilization of solar energy, development of environmental functional materials
Current Post doctorate/PhD Students
1.Diao Xinyong Post doctorate
Research Direct:Study on surface atomic structure regulation of molybdenum disulfide and hydrogenolysis process of lignin.
2.Yu Zhihao Post doctorate
Research Direct:Engineering of nanoreactor and control of catalytic behavior of carbon-based small molecules
3.Alaza 2016
Research Direct:Engineering of nanoreactor and control of catalytic behavior of carbon-based small molecules.
4.Li Funan 2018
Research Direct:Preparation of supported ternary transition metal nitride catalysts and hydrodeoxidation of lignin
5.Lian Shaohan 2019
Research Direct:research and development of efficient carbon dioxide separation membrane
6.Fu Kaixuan 2019
Research Direct:Preparation and study of monolithic catalysts
7.Ye Lei 2019
Research Direct:Preparation of GVL from hemicellulose
8.Jia Zhichao 2020
Research Direct:Synthesis of cycloalkanes from lignin catalyst
9.Zhang Ming 2020
Research Direct:Photocatalytic oxidation of biomass-based furans
10.Li Yiming 2020
Research Direct:Preparation and electrochemical properties of biomass-based porous carbon
11.Wang Yuhe 2020
Research Direct: NOx catalytic reduction technology and key materials of waste incineration power plant
12.Tong Chengzheng 2021
Research Direct: Collaborative treatment and optimization of multiple pollutants in methanol engine
13.Wang Yanhua 2021
Research Direct:Preparation and denitrification performance of zeolite molecular sieves
14.Li Ding 2021
Research Direct:Green and low-carbon remediation technology
15.Li Pengcheng 2021
Research Direct:Carbon sequestration by microalgae
16.Li Run 2021
Research Direct:Preparation and process simulation of carbon dioxide separation membrane
17.Li Hanyang 2021
Research Direct:Catalytic conversion of lignin to cyclohexylamine
18.Liu Minglin 2021
Research Direct:Removal of VOCs by adsorption and catalysis
19.Zheng Yanfei 2021
Research Direct:New catalysts for VOCs low temperature catalytic oxidation
20. Zhao Qianqian 2021
Research Direct:CO2 resource utilization
21.Wei Liehao 2021
Research Direct:Development and performance of mobile source multi-pollutant co-degradation catalyst
22.Zhang Zezhou 2022
Research Direct:Preparation of carbon dioxide separation membrane and its separation performance
23.Zhao Miaomiao 2022
Research Direct:Soil remediation
24.Hao Wang 2022
Research Direct:Development and application of highly efficient adsorption materials for removal of indoor VOCs
25.Cangpeng Shan 2022
Research Direct:Spinel-based catayst for VOCs catalytic oxidation
26.Yang Jining 2022
Research Direct:
27.Runyu Liu 2022
Research Direct:Photocatalytic oxidation of biomass-based compounds
28. Kai Yan 2022
Research Direct:Pore microenvironment regulation and application of catalytic biomass value-added in micro-nano-reactor
Current Master Students
1.Wang Xinyue 2021
Research Direct:Catalytic oxidation of carbon smoke
2.Wang Kaixin 2021
Research Direct:Selective catalytic reduction of NH3
3.Zhang min 2021
Research Direct:Preparation of transition metal oxides and their ammoxidation properties
4.Li Qing 2021
Research Direct:Preparation and denitrification performance of molecular sieve - valerolactone
5.Xiong Ying 2021
Research Direct:Application of Ruthenium catalyst in HDO reaction of lignin substrate
6.Hao Linge 2021
Research Direct:Application of Ti - based catalysts in modeling hydrodeoxidation of lignin and lignin increment
7.Dong Fangya 2021
Research Direct:Synthesis of alkane from lignin catalyzed by Ni - based catalyst
8.Guo Mengyan 2021
Research Direct:Electrocatalytic conversion of biomass
9.Cui Jifang 2021
Research Direct:Cui Jifang
10.Ye He 2021
Research Direct:Detection of heavy metal ions by designing biosensors
11.Yang Ying 2021
Research Direct:Carbon dioxide separation membrane
12.Mao Weiwei 2021
Research Direct:Carbon sequestration by microalgae
13.Xu Xiaonan 2021
Research Direct:CO2 membrane separation
14.Wang Yang 2021
Research Direct:CO2 capture and transformation integration
15.Hao Yang 2021
Research Direct:Ammonia adsorption
16.Wang Yunchong 2021
Research Direct:CVOC catalytic oxidation
17.Xinying Liu 2021
Research Direct:HC-SCR
18.Li Chen 2021
Research Direct:Electro osmotic dewatering of oily sludge
19.Zhang Fan 2021
Research Direct:Soil heavy metal adsorption materials
20.Jia Xiaoyu 2021
Research Direct:Electrokinetic remediation of heavy metals in soil
21.Liu Ning 2022
Research Direct:Study on catalysts for NOx decomposition by oxygen-rich thermal catalysis
22.Yang Zongxiang 2022
Research Direct:Desulfurization and denitrification of carbon materials
23.Wang Meng 2022
Research Direct:Research on ammonia catalytic oxidation catalysts
24.Niu Ke 2022
Research Direct:Selective catalytic reduction-based exhaust gas treatment for marine diesel engines
25.Zhao Minru 2022
Research Direct:Study on preparation of zeolite and deNOx performance
26.LI Zhiyong 2022
Research Direct:CO2 Capture and Conversion
27.Wei Lifei 2022
Research Direct:CO2 capture synergistic methanation conversion
28.Mingke Peng 2022
Research Direct:Catalytic oxidation of CVOCs
29.Huang Haolong 2022
Research Direct:Catalytic oxidation of VOCs
30.Yufan Jiang 2022
Research Direct:VOCs adsorption
31.Zhang Tianao 2022
Research Direct:CO2 resource utilization
32.7. Jianbo Li 2022
Research Direct:Post-processing analysis and detection
33.Xu Weinuo 2022
Research Direct:VOCs catalytic oxidation
34.Li Yazhao 2022
Research Direct:Catalytic conversion of biomass
35.Zhang Chunyuan 2022
Research Direct:Catalytic conversion of biomass
36.2. Wang Yinjiang 2022
Research Direct:Catalytic conversion of biomass
37.YuXin Zhang 2022
Research Direct:Electrocatalytic oxidation of biomass-based compounds
38.Run Jing 2022
Research Direct:Photocatalysis promotes plastic reduction and value-added under inert atmosphere
39.JingFei Wang 2022
Research Direct:Reductive amination of biomass-based levulinic acid by thermal catalysis
40.Sun Zeying 2022
Research Direct:study on remediation of heavy metal contamination in soil by electro-trapping technology
41.Hu Junjie 2022
Research Direct:study on sludge treatment and disposal
42.Gong Zhiyang 2022
Research Direct:study on soil heavy metal pollution remediation
43.Wang Dantong 2022
Research Direct:Carbon Fixation by Microalgae
44.Wang Yi 2022
Research Direct:Carbon Fixation by Microalgae
45.Wang Ruinan 2022
Research Direct:Carbon Dioxide Separation Membrane
46.Chen Danqing 2022
Research Direct:Carbon Fixation by Microalgae
47.Sun Haoran 2022
Research Direct:Carbon Dioxide Separation Membrane
48.Feng Guoqing 2022
Research Direct:Carbon Dioxide Separation Membrane
Graduated students:
1.Zhao Qian (tutor, Liu Qingling), 2015 doctor, preparation of Co based oxide catalyst and its catalytic performance on volatile organic compounds, postdoctoral / special research assistant, ecological environment research center, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2. Han Jinfeng (Tutor: Liu Qingling), 2016 level Bo , postdoctoral dissertation of Jilin University, "design, preparation and performance evaluation of new small pore molecular sieve materials for denitration of diesel vehicle exhaust"

3. Guo Mingyu (Tutor: Liu Qingling), master of 2014, doctor of 2016 (continuous study of master's degree and doctoral degree), , Tianjin Institute of water transport engineering, Ministry of transport, "Research on sulfur resistant SCR catalyst for NOx removal from ship engine exhaust"

4. Diao Xinyong (Tutor: Ji Na), 2017 doctor, , School of environment, Tianjin University / postdoctoral, construction of transition oxygen catalysts and Study on the hydrogenolysis of lignin

5. Song Jingjing (Tutor: Ji Na), master of 2014, , study on hydrodeoxygenation of lignin to phenol products over molybdenum sulfide catalyst, Tianjin Environmental Protection Technology Development Center

6. Huang Yibo (Tutor: Ji Na), 2015 master, , study on hydrodeoxygenation of lignin over transition metal phosphide catalyst, Country Garden Group Holding Co., Ltd

6. Zhang Qing (Tutor: Ji Na), 2015 master, , synthesis of hydrotalcite based phosphide catalyst and its application in lignin conversion, Linjiang Town People's Government of Shanghang County, Longyan City, Fujian Province

7. Zhang Luoyun (Tutor: Ji Na), 2015 master, Luoyun_ , preparation of Cu, CO and Ni catalysts by MOCVD and their application in the synthesis of GVL, Ningde New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

8. Zhao Peipei (Tutor: Liu Qingling), master of 2016, , research on denitration catalyst with low temperature H2O resistance, Beijing SECCO Kanglun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

9. Gul Muhammad channel (Tutor: Ji Na), master of 2016, Engr , Pakistan

10. Zheng Shanbin (Tutor: Liu Qingling), 2017 master, , preparation of manganese based catalysts and their catalytic performance for oxygen-containing volatile organic compounds, Tangshan environmental monitoring center

11. Bao Jinrong (Tutor: Ji Na), 2017 master, Hydrotalcite based Sulfide Catalyzed Hydrogenation of ethyl levulinate to γ- Study on pentalactone reaction, general contracting company of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau

12. Cheng Wencai (Tutor: Ji Na), 2017 master, , application of molybdenum based bimetallic sulfide catalyst in guaiacol

hydrodeoxygenation, China Communications Construction Co., Ltd 13. Li Xinxin (Tutor: Ji Na), 2017 master, , rhenium based catalyst for catalytic conversion of lignin to prepare alkane fuel, South China University of Technology (PhD)

14. Yuan Qiang (Tutor: Ji Na), 2017 master, , catalytic conversion of furfural to furan, Nanjing University (PhD)

15. Liu yunchong (Tutor: Ji Na), 2017 master, , study on liquid phase selective hydrogenation of furfural to furfuryl alcohol, Qingdao Sanli benuo new materials Co., Ltd

16. Wang Xiaohan (Tutor: Liu Qingling), 2018 master , , study on Synthesis and catalytic performance of rare earth modified aluminum rich cu-ssz-39 molecular sieve nh3-scr catalyst, Beijing directional selection and transfer student (Shangdi sub district office, Haidian District)

17. Bi Yalian (Tutor: Liu Caixia), 2018 master, , small hole cu-zk-5 molecular sieve for denitration of diesel vehicle exhaust - Preparation, performance evaluation and reaction mechanism, Qingdao ecological environment bureau

18. Li Tingting (Tutor: Ji Na), master of 2018, , study on the performance of molybdenum based bimetallic oxide catalyst in the demethoxylation of lignin, Beijing Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd

19. Liu Zhenyu (Tutor: Ji Na), master of 2018, Preparation of ethyl levulinate by hydrogenation catalyzed by supported sulfide catalyst γ- Pentalactone research, Tianjin Municipal Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd

20. Wang Zhenjiao (Tutor: Ji Na), master of 2018, "Study on niobic acid regulating the structure of molybdenum disulfide and its performance in the hydrogenation of anisole to phenol and benzene", Beijing yihualu Information Technology Co., Ltd,

21. Liu Chen (Tutor: LV Xuebin), master of 2018, , preparation of lignin based solid acid catalyst and its application in cellulose conversion to levulinic acid, Tianjin Ecological Environment Monitoring Center

22. Bai Hui (Tutor: LV Xuebin), master of 2018, , design and performance evaluation of zirconium based solid acid catalyst for synthesis of methyl levulinate based on alcoholysis and conversion of fructose, China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd

23. Fan Boyu (Tutor: Liu Qingling) 2019 master , study on low temperature SCR catalyst for nitrogen oxide removal from flue gas of waste incineration power plant, the future is a better tomorrow

24. Wang Huijun (Tutor: Liu Caixia), master of 2019, , research on cerium based nh3-sco catalyst applied to diesel vehicle exhaust, the future is a better tomorrow

25. Tutor: LV jiaran, master (2019), , preparation of Fe / Si / N doped biochar derived from feed water sludge and its adsorption / catalytic performance, the future is a better tomorrow

26. Wang Xiaotong (Supervisor: LV Xuebin), master of 2019, , construction of hydrotalcite like nickel copper catalyst and Research on promoting the hydrogenation of GVL to 2-mthf, the future is a bright future

27. Wang Tianshu (Tutor: LV Xuebin), master of 2019, , research on near surface ozone prediction model based on deep learning, doctor of Tianjin University

28. Han Xiaoxuan (Tutor: Song Chunfeng), master of 2019, , effects of low temperature plasma mutagenesis on the coupled carbon sequestration system of "chemical absorption microalgae transformation", SMIC international integrated circuit manufacturing (Tianjin) Co., Ltd

29. Wang Chenyu (Supervisor: Song Chunfeng), master of 2019, , study on purification mechanism and enhancement of cephalosporins and sulfa antibiotics by Chlorella and Scenedesmus, China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd

30. Marium (Tutor: Ji Na), master of 2019, , Bangladesh

31. Jiang Sinan (Tutor: Ji Na), master of 2019, Jiang_ , regulation of vacancy structure of sulfide and Study on dehydrogenation reaction performance of wood, Teaching at Weihai Vocational College.

32. Yin Jianyu (Tutor: Ji Na), master of 2019, , study on the catalytic conversion of p-cresol to toluene with high stability nb2o5-mos2, HiRain Technologies

33. Cheng Shuai (Tutor: Ji Na), master of 2019, , USY in situ growth of CO, Ni nanoparticles for low temperature hydrodeoxygenation of lignin model compounds to cycloalkanes, China Water Resources Beifang Investigation, Design, And Research Co. Ltd

34. Yang Lizhe (Tutor: Liu Qingling), master of 2019, "preparation of molecular sieve confined Pt / PtMn catalyst and Study on its catalytic oxidation of VOCs", the future is a better tomorrow

35. Wu Xueqian (Tutor: Liu Qingling), master of 2019, "synthesis of carbon limited catalysts and Study on their performance for catalytic oxidation of acetone", for a better tomorrow

36. Lijun He (Supervisor: Qingling Liu), Ph.D. of 2018, "Study on the Performance and Reaction Mechanism of Calcium-Titanium Ore-based Catalysts on the Exhaust Gas Purification of Marine Diesel Engines", Graduating to A Better Tomorrow

37. Hao Wang(Tutur:Qingling Liu),Master of 2020, "Study on Hydrophobic MOFs adsorbent for Removing toluene from Vehicles",career development after graduation:PhD at Tianjin University

38. Yan Zhang (Supervisor: Caixia Liu), master of 2020, "Theoretical Design of Single Metal Doped SnO2 Catalyst for NH3-SCO Reaction in Diesel Vehicle Exhaust and Study of Electronic Effects of its Loaded Catalyst", Ph.D., Tianjin University

39. Wang Qiji (Supervisor: Ma Degang), master of 2020, "Research on the denitrification performance of new multi-metal oxides applied to waste incineration", Sanhuan Group Company

40. Qi Xiaotong (Supervisor: Liu Qingling), master of 2020, "Synthesis of Cu-SSZ-39 Molecular Sieve for Diesel Exhaust Denitrification and its Catalytic Performance", Graduated to A Better Tomorrow

41. Yuchao Zang (Supervisor: Caixia Liu),master of 2020, "Green Synthesis of Small-Pore Cu-ZK-5 Molecular Sieve and Its Application in Diesel Vehicle Exhaust Denitrification", Graduated to A Better Tomorrow

42. Pang Caihong(Supervisor: Rui Han),master of 2020,"钴负载分子筛催化剂制备及对二氯甲烷的催化氧化性能研究",the future is a better tomorrow

43. Xing Shuang(Supervisor: Rui Han),master of 2020,"Preparation and application of Ni-CaO bifunctional materials in Calcium looping CO2 capture coupled methane dry reforming technology",the future is a better tomorrow

44. Rong Yue(Mentor: Ji Na), master of 2020, "Cobalt sulfate modified molybdenum disulfide bicomponent catalyst synergistically catalyzes the low-temperature and efficient hydrodeoxygenation of lignin and its model compounds to aromatics", Where to graduate: Tangshan Planning and Architectural Design Institute.

45. Wang Yuxin (Tutor: Ma Degang), master of 2020,, “Study on the migration and transformation pattern of heavy metals in sludge under chemical and electric treatment”, the future is a better

46. Zhang Yijuan(Supervisor:Song Chunfeng),master of 2020,,"Pebax-based homogeneous membrane enhanced mass transfer regulation and CO2 separation performance",the future is a better tomorrow

47. Zhao Quan (Supervisor:Zang Guolong、Song Chunfeng),master of 2020,,"Manipulation of Microarchitecture and Intensification of CO2 Capture of ZIFs/Pebax based Mixed Matrix Membranes",Tianjin University PhD

48. Yin Qingrong(Supervisor:Song Chunfeng),master of 2020,,"Design and Evaluation of Novel Absorbents in CO2 Chemical Absorption-Microalgae Conversion System",the future is a better tomorrow

49. Guo Hui(Supervisor:Song Chunfeng),master of 2020,,"Preparation of LDH / Pebax Mixed Matrix Membrane and Enhancement and Evaluation of CO2 Separation Performance",the future is a better tomorrow

Correspondance Address:B201, Department of Environemntal Science & Engineering, Tianjin University, 92# Weijin Rd, Nankai District, Tianjin 300072 Email:
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