Professor Song Chunfeng of our group won the second prize of "Tianjin University First Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition"

      Recently, the first teacher teaching innovation competition of Tianjin University came to an end. After fierce competition in the preliminaries and finals, Professor Song Chunfeng of our group won the second prize (Senior professional group), the teaching academic innovation award, and the excellent grassroots team organization award. It is reported that the National College Teacher Teaching Innovation Competition is divided into three stages: school competition, municipal competition, and national competition. It is a major competition organized by the China Association for Higher Education under the guidance of the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education. The only college teacher teaching competition in the "list of items reserved for the competition".

      As one of the core members of the atmospheric teaching team, Song Chunfeng has won the outstanding young teacher of Tianjin University, the pioneer post of faculty and staff of Tianjin University, the young civilization post of Tianjin University, the first prize/excellent courseware award of Tianjin University young teacher lecture competition, and the basic teaching skills of Tianjin Teaching honors such as the first prize in the competition (in-school selection competition) and the special prize in the lecture competition of the School of Environment. Since 2019, he has served as an online teaching expert at Tianjin University. He has been awarded as an excellent master's thesis supervisor of Tianjin University for three consecutive years, and an excellent undergraduate graduation thesis supervisor of Tianjin University, guiding students to participate in more than 20 awards in subject competitions. Lectures on National Excellent Course/School-level Excellent Course Ideological and Political/School-level Virtual Simulation Experiment "Air Pollution Control", School-level Excellent English Course "Air Pollution Control Engineering", School-level General Course "Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development", etc.

      In recent years, while actively carrying out scientific research work, our group has vigorously carried out a series of characteristic teaching and education work, such as "excellent course construction", "Ideological and political concise course", "virtual simulation experiment", "four types of classroom integration", etc., and obtained a series of teaching honors and experience, which has laid a solid foundation for the construction of characteristic team.

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