CCTV science and technology education channel broadcast the science popularization program "capture carbon dioxide" recorded by Professor Song Chunfeng of our school

      Since the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide based greenhouse gas emissions have caused increasingly prominent climate change and a series of environmental problems, which have become a serious challenge facing mankind in the 21st century. In September 2020, China put forward the climate action goal of "carbon emission peak by 2030, carbon neutral by 2060". The declaration of the goal fully reflects China's efforts to deal with climate change, demonstrates China's firm determination to actively deal with climate change and take the road of green and low-carbon development, and also reflects China's responsibility to take the initiative to deal with climate change and promote the construction of a community of shared future for mankind.

      In this context, Professor Song Chunfeng of our group was invited by the science and technology education channel to participate in the recording of the "perspective of new technology" column of the channel. In the program, song Chunfeng systematically explained the general background and the latest scientific and technological achievements in the field of carbon dioxide capture and resource utilization, and introduced in simple terms the relationship between carbon dioxide emissions and climate change, carbon dioxide capture technology and its cutting-edge progress, carbon dioxide utilization and resource utilization and other hot topics, so as to provide theoretical guidance for the public to understand the knowledge of carbon emission reduction, master the concept of low-carbon and enhance the common awareness of coping with climate change.

      In recent years, based on the background of clean use of fossil energy and climate change response, our group has focused on major national needs under the goal of "carbon neutrality", and has been committed to the research and development of high-purity carbon dioxide, low-energy capture and resource recycling technologies for a long time. At present, our team has presided over the national key research and development plan, the National Natural Science Foundation and other national projects in the fields of low-temperature carbon dioxide capture and biological resource utilization, and has made a series of progress in basic research and engineering applications, and has made great contributions to the response to climate change.

      The first broadcast time of the above program: CCTV-10 (Science and Technology Education Channel) at 19:31, March 27 (Saturday). Replay time: CCTV-10 (Science and Technology Education Channel) March 29 (Monday) 12:49, March 31 (Wednesday) 10:06, April 1 (Thursday) 10:06, 12:49. Network broadcast URL:

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