Pro. Jingui Duan of Nanjing Tech University was invited to give an academic report

       On the morning of May 28, 2021, at the invitation of Professor Chunfeng Song, Professor Jingui Duan from the School of Chemical Engineering, Nanjing Tech University visited the School of Environmental Science and Engineering and gave an academic report entitled "The Creation of New MOF Materials Oriented by Gas Separation". Some teachers and students of the college attended this academic conference.

      In this context, Professor Song Chunfeng of our group was invited by the science and technology education channel to participate in the recording of the "perspective of new technology" column of the channel. In the program, song Chunfeng systematically explained the general background and the latest scientific and technological achievements in the field of carbon dioxide capture and resource utilization, and introduced in simple terms the relationship between carbon dioxide emissions and climate change, carbon dioxide capture technology and its cutting-edge progress, carbon dioxide utilization and resource utilization and other hot topics, so as to provide theoretical guidance for the public to understand the knowledge of carbon emission reduction, master the concept of low-carbon and enhance the common awareness of coping with climate change.

      Professor Duan takes "material sharing, process coupling" as the main line, and shares a lot of valuable experience in the structural design and creation of MOF-based materials used in the adsorption process and membrane separation process. Professor Duan first introduced the development history of MOF materials, raised the issue of material stability, and introduced the corresponding structural design strategies for materials with strong stability. Later, Professor Duan gave a detailed introduction to the control of reaction sites in the creation of MOF materials, and also demonstrated its application in multi-component gas separation. Finally, Professor Duan summarized the key directions of the structure design of MOF materials, including: rationally tuning the connection keys to construct stable functional pore materials; sequential control of pore opening and closing to create specific adsorption spaces; orderly assembly of multi-level pores to construct sub-nano mass transfer aisle.

      During the meeting, the students enthusiastically asked questions and discussed enthusiastically, and the atmosphere was very lively. After the meeting, Professor Duan, accompanied by Professor Song, visited the laboratory of the Atmospheric and Biomass Energy Research Group.

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