Congratulations to Dr. Lv Shuangchun for successfully passing the defense

       On May 31, 2021, the "Air & and Biomass catalysis group" held a graduation defense meeting for doctoral student Lv Shuangchun. The chairman of the defense meeting is Professor Mei Donghai of Tianjin University of technology. The defense members include Professor Chen Haijun of Nankai University, Professor Wang Weichao of Nankai University, Professor Chen Jiubin of Tianjin University, Professor Zhao Yujun of Tianjin University and Professor Song Chunfeng of Tianjin University. In the group, Mr. Han Rui participated in the defense together as the Secretary of the Defense Committee. The defense attracted many students from the research group to attend the study.

      Dr. Lv Shuangchun, a 2017 grade doctoral student majoring in environmental engineering, is a master and doctoral student in the group. Her tutors are Mr. Liu Qingling and Mr. Han Rui. She has published 5 papers as the first author, including one top in JCR Q1 and two in JCR Q2. She has applied for a numbers of invention patents. Dr. Lu Shuangchun's research topic is the structural regulation and hydrophobic modification of molecular sieves and their adsorption of volatile organic compounds. During the defense, combined with visual aids, she introduced her work during her doctorate in the form of pictures and texts, which was affirmed by the judges. After that, the reviewers put forward some questions about the content of the paper, and gave valuable opinions and suggestions. Finally, after discussion and research, the jury unanimously passed the resolution: Dr. Lv Shuangchun passed the doctoral graduation defense.

      I hope Dr. Lv Shuangchun will make persistent efforts in the future, work hard towards his dream, and fly to a broader sky with the wings of his dream. All the teachers and students of the atmospheric environment and Bioenergy Research Group wish her a bright future!

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