Lignin Amination Valorization: Heterogeneous Catalytic Synthesis of Aniline and Benzylamine from Lignin-derived Chemicals

      As a natural phenolic polymer with huge reserves in nature, lignin is a very important and abundant renewable resource, which has a very wide application prospect in the field of chemical synthesis. Organic nitrogenous chemicals are a class of chemical products that stimulate the development of modern human society. Their traditional synthesis process relies almost entirely on non-renewable fossil resources, thus exacerbating the potential negative impacts of global climate and environment. With the continuous development of bio-resource value-added technologies in recent years, biomass-based value-added chemicals and alkane fuels can be easily obtained. In particular, based on the special structure of biomass, the catalytic synthesis of organic nitrogen chemicals using biomass resources instead of fossil resources has gradually become a new research focus and has been paid attention to.

      In this paper, na Ji/Xuebin Lv, School of Environmental Sciences, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China, investigated the amination increment reaction of phenolic, ethers, carbonyl compounds and alcohols derived from lignin and its influencing factors. There are three main influencing factors in this process: 1) catalyst factor; 2) solvent factors and 3) hydrogen and amine sources. In the influence factors of lignin amination value-added, especially emphasizes the cheap catalyst system, green solvent systems, mild reaction conditions and strategies for lignin derivative chemicals of amination value-added system of economy, environment friendliness and safety such outstanding advantages, to create green amination value-added system provides a train of thought. In addition, the prospect of conversion system of other biomass resources to organic nitrogen compounds is also proposed. Starting from the reaction system of lignin amination and increment, it is helpful to emphasize the potential of biomass participation in the synthesis and conversion of nitrogen compounds sustainable energy system.

      The corresponding author of this article is Ji Na, associate professor, Major of Environmental Sciences, Tianjin University, and the first author is Rong Yue, master student, Major of Environmental Sciences, Tianjin University.

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