Tianjin University Atmospheric Environment and Bioenergy Research Group holds 2021 welcome new students quality development team building activity

      The golden autumn in October, the breeze is breezy. In order to welcome new students and enhance team cohesion, the Atmospheric Environment and Bioenergy Research Group of Tianjin University held a 2021 welcome new student quality development team building activity. Several teachers from the research group Liu Qingling, Ma Degang, Lu Xuebin, Ji Na, Song Chunfeng, Han Rui led more than 60 students to participate in this activity.
      This event hired Mr. Wu Qiong from the Experience Education Research Center of Tianjin University as the instructor. Before the event, teacher Wu gave an exciting mobilization speech, aimed at setting goals for the students, inspiring people, and boosting morale. Secretary Ma Degang said The four key words of bravery, unity, discipline and communication were put forward in turn. He hoped that students will establish a working environment of effective communication, solidarity and mutual assistance no matter in this activity or in scientific research. The warm-up activity is a double test of physical strength and psychology. Everyone struggled hard in front of the basket and tried their best. The atmosphere of the exchange session between new and old students can be described as full of enthusiasm, which not only breaks the social embarrassment, but also builds a bridge of friendship.

      In the next activity, the students were divided into three groups, and six group leaders were selected through the recommendation of the group members. Everyone used their ingenuity to formulate unique team names and slogans for each group. At the same time, under the creativity of teamwork, a unique team flag was drawn and a group photo was taken, which demonstrated the unique humanistic charm of the students beyond their rational thinking.

      There are two competitive competitions between groups, namely "caterpillars" and table tennis relay. These seemingly simple activities actually require the unparalleled cooperation and unity of the students. Through these two activities, everyone's teamwork ability has been greatly improved, and they have broken through themselves in constant trial and error and challenge. After the competition, Mr. Wu asked everyone to discuss and self-summarize in groups on how to build a team and how to manage the team. In this process, not only did we appreciate the art of communication, but also let the students learn more about the team. The construction is not easy.

      With a sense of belonging to the team, we then launched the "Tumbler" trust game to experience a certain risk and learn how to trust and support others. A sense of trust among team members was thus established, and a sense of personal responsibility in the team also emerged spontaneously. At the same time, a fun activity-rock climbing was also in progress. The towering "rock walls" and steep "stones" couldn't stop the determination of the students and teachers to face the difficulties. The back liked a warrior told of extraordinary tenacity.

      From day to evening, the activity was coming to an end. Teachers summarized the activity from different angles. Teacher Lu Xuebin mentioned that we should cherish the friendship between teachers and students and the research team, strictly observe discipline and pay attention to safety; Teacher Wu Qiong said we need set goals and unswervingly complete them; Teacher Song Chunfeng called on everyone to unite and recreate the style of the research team. The summary of several teachers has benefited the students a lot. The students will remember them in their hearts and put them into practice in life and scientific research. They look forward to growing together and climbing the peak under the leadership of each teacher.

      Youth is not easy, we need to cherish the present, stand on today, and look forward to the future. I am grateful for the encounter between teachers and students in the golden autumn season. On the road to the future, the whole group of teachers and students of the Atmospheric Environment and Bioenergy Research Group of Tianjin University will not be afraid of difficulties and work together to create brilliance!
                                                                         Editor: Ji Na, Xiong Ying

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