Recently, the atmosphere team has won two awards in the innovation and entrepreneurship competition

      1、 He Lijun and Wang Yuhe of our group won the first prize of the 10th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Hebei division) on behalf of the atmosphere team
      From September 4 to 5, 2021, the science and Technology Department of Hebei Province held the "10th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Hebei division)" in Shijiazhuang. Li Congmin, deputy director of the Provincial Department of science and technology, attended the offline launch ceremony and delivered a speech. A total of 27 industry senior technical experts and venture capital experts from Beijing and Tianjin were invited to serve as the judges of the competition. This industry competition adopts the mode of "online roadshow + scoring on the spot". With the eternal theme of "scientific and technological innovation and great achievements", the competition aims to establish a model of innovation and entrepreneurship, high-quality development and "anti risk" through the competition, and create a number of scientific and technological innovation model enterprises that cultivate new opportunities in the crisis and open a new situation in the changing situation.
      During the competition, the atmosphere team had a heated discussion with the participating experts and scholars, and won the recognition of the judges with professional technical knowledge and clear expression of ideas. After fierce competition in review and recommendation, urban competition and preliminary competition, the project "catalytic technology leading green shipping - Integrated Technology of ship aircraft tail gas post-treatment" of Dr. he Lijun and Dr. Wang Yuhe of our group finally won the first prize.
      2、 The atmosphere team won the second prize of the fourth innovation and entrepreneurship competition of Baoding National High tech Zone
      On October 18, 2021, the fourth innovation and entrepreneurship competition of Baoding National High tech Zone was held in Baoding Zhongguancun innovation center. Under the leadership of Professor Liu Qingling and the assistance of Dr. Wang Yuhe, our atmospheric team successfully won the second prize of the competition and won a bonus of 200000 yuan after the fierce competition of preliminary review, review and final.
      It is reported that the 4th hi tech Zone mass entrepreneurship and innovation competition has become an important platform for scientific and technological innovation and industrial investment attraction. This competition pays more attention to the combination of industry, University and research and the implementation and transformation of achievements. It is a competition among offline high-quality projects. In addition to cash awards, the winning teams will also receive policy support such as key enterprise development funds after the first, second and third prize projects of the competition are settled in Baoding high tech Zone.

(editors: Wang Yuhe, Wang Yunzhen)

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