Keeping up with the past, the Second Academic Salon was successfully held

       Keeping up with the past, the Second Academic Salon was held at 18:30 p.m. on November 27, 2021. Fu Kaixuan, 43 professor of the school of environment, Tianjin University, was in charge of and presided over the Academic Salon. This Academic Salon invited senior brother Diao Xinyong, a doctor of 2017, to introduce his scientific research experience and academic achievements. Senior brother Diao Xinyong brought you a vivid Academic Salon with a humorous tone and combined with his own personal experience.
       First of all, senior brother Diao reviewed the past years of the atmospheric research group, introduced the gradual development and growth process of the atmospheric research group, and showed the confidence and determination of generations of scientific researchers to forge ahead. Elder martial brother Diao also suggested that we draw strength from the past, inherit the excellent tradition of the atmosphere research group, cultivate a strong scientific research atmosphere, impact towards higher-level journals at a new time node, and create new brilliant achievements.
       Then, based on his own scientific research experience and the experience of the group, elder martial brother Diao shared with you all kinds of misunderstandings in the scientific research process and how to correct them in time. Elder martial brother Diao encourages everyone to maintain a good attitude in the process of scientific research, give full play to their subjective initiative, reasonably arrange their own time and successfully complete the scientific research content.
       Finally, senior brother Diao introduced his research direction and content. Senior brother Diao introduced the development process of his scientific research work from the outside to the inside, from the shallow to the deep, and finally formed a system to form a perfect closed loop. This content sharing is worthy of serious study by masters and doctoral students, so as to make a good plan for their future scientific research and prevent the situation that the scientific research content can not be effectively connected.
       In the question answering session, online and offline students actively asked senior brother Diao questions, and senior brother Diao also answered everyone's doubts through his real experience. At the same time, Mr. Han Rui offered a brick to attract jade by asking questions to remind everyone to be patient in the process of scientific research and survive the difficult period, so as to usher in the outbreak of their own achievements at a certain moment.
      Finally, this academic salon was a complete success!
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