. Congratulations to miss Ji Na for winning the "March 8th red flag bearer of Tianjin University"
Congratulations to miss Ji Na for winning the "March 8th red flag bearer of Tianjin University"

       For the recognition of advanced, carry forward the typical, give full play to the eighth (collective) honor advanced demonstration leading role, the 112th "38" international women's day approaching, the tianjin university has carried out 2021 field worker (collective) the selection work, a group of selected based on post, act as a responsible, dedicated, aggressive of excellent female staff representative. After many rounds of selection,Our teacher Ji Na won the honorary title of "March eighth Red Flag Bearer of Tianjin University",His story has also been included in the tianjin university outstanding female teaching style exhibition activities of the "women's ying record", in order to show our outstanding female faculty group wuxi, dedicated spirit, inspire the school female teaching based on the post, dedicated women's wisdom and strength, to write a new chapter, in the future to create a big new brilliant make new greater contributions.

       Ji Na, College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tianjin Universityprofessor,Doctoral supervisor, tianjin youth talent, top ten outstanding youth faculty, tianjin university, tianjin university environmental science and engineering, environmental engineering, deputy director of the national petroleum and chemical industry biological basis, deputy director of key laboratory of oil and gas, the standing committee of the national committee of the tianjin jinnan, ecological environment of the Chinese peasants' and workers' Democratic Party central committee. Doctoral degree inDalian Institute of Chemical Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences, has studied abroad inMax Planck Society of GermanyInstitute of Coal Chemistry,University of DelawareDepartment of Chemical Engineering, postdoctoral research assistant, joined Tianjin University at the end of 2013, during which he served as deputy director of Ecological environment Bureau of Heping District, Tianjin. At present, he is mainly engaged in environmental engineering, chemical engineering, industrial catalysis, new energy development and other work.Research topics include:(1) Catalytic conversion and utilization of biomass renewable resources; (2) Renewable catalytic synthesis technology of biofuel and aviation kerosene. Around the above research topics, in recent yearsAngew. Chem. Int. Ed., ACS Catalysis, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, ChemSusChem, Green Chemistry, Journal of Catalysis, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering And other international high-level journals published SCI papersThere were more than 80 papers (including 11 cover papers), and the H-index was 28. Co-chair scientific research projects21,Among themFive at the national level and six at the provincial or ministerial levelHe has authorized 15 invention patents, including 3 PCT international patents, and has been invited to give special invited reports at famous international and domestic academic conferences for many times. His research results have been widely concerned by the academic and industrial circles.

       Mr. Ji loves his job and is a good example. He actively promotes the process of scientific research and education, and has achieved remarkable results in talent training. In recent years, it has made remarkable achievements in teaching, scientific research, personnel training and administrative public welfare.
       teachingShe teaches undergraduate and graduate courses every year5,Among them4 courses in English; Actively participate in the construction of MOOC online courses in Chinese universities and give lecturesChinese University MOOC "Solid Waste Treatment"(Tianjin first-class offline undergraduate construction course, selected as"Learning power"APP main course), Tianjin English quality course" Environmental Catalysis and Characterization analysis methods of Functional Materials ", etc.His teaching achievements have won many provincial, ministerial and university-level awards, such as "Tianjin Brand Course for Overseas Students in English", "Tianjin First-class Offline Undergraduate Course" and "Tianjin University Teaching Achievement Award".

       Jina actively promotes the process of scientific research and education, and has cultivated a number of excellent undergraduate, master and doctoral students with high quality. To guide people in recent years graduate student for a total of 27 (including 6 students), guiding college students' innovative entrepreneurial project a total of 11, guiding students won several provincial and university students' innovative entrepreneurship competition competition of science and technology awards (including college students "challenge cup" contest, tianjin university of innovative undertaking "in the future 30 years" disruptive innovation idea competition second prize, etc.).As 23rd "top ten outstanding youth" tianjin university faculty, tianjin university "outstanding teaching award", "outstanding class teacher", "excellent overall tutor", "outstanding undergraduate graduation thesis guidance teachers", "outstanding master thesis guidance teachers", "Thornton environmental college under the tianjin university research grants" and other honorary titles

       Public welfare of administration,Currently, he is the deputy director of the Department of Environmental Engineering. In terms of graduate enrollment and management, we organize nearly 20 interviews for postgraduate and doctoral students every year, such as summer camp, with a total number of interviews reaching 600 people per year. I served as the assistant to the dean, during which I successfully established the English major of Environmental Science and Engineering Graduate Students and was rated as "Excellent". Actively participated in discipline construction and platform team construction of the college. As the assistant to the dean, I was mainly responsible for the preparatory work of "Tianjin University-Georgia Institute of Technology" Shenzhen College, and responsible for enrollment and discipline construction together with the person in charge of the US side. Actively participated in the project of "Non-Party Young Cadres' Temporary Post Training in Tianjin", worked as deputy director of Ecological Environment Bureau of Heping District of Tianjin, and built a good school-enterprise cooperation platform.

       Ms. Ji Na actively participated in the university's undergraduate and graduate enrollment publicity work, served as the leader of the enrollment publicity Group of Xianshui Gu No.1 Middle School, Jinnan District, Tianjin, and participated in the college entrance examination consultation activities for several consecutive years. At the same time, I took an active part in the promotion of undergraduate enrollment in Heilongjiang province, and held 6 lectures and reports for many high schools in Heilongjiang Province. As a member of the graduate enrollment delegation of Tianjin University, I went to colleges and universities across the country for more than 20 times to attend the graduate enrollment publicity, and made important contributions to the enrollment publicity of Tianjin University.

       Stay true to your original aspiration and forge ahead. Ji Na teacher in the ordinary post of teaching, hard work, selfless dedication, will be their own love dedicated to the cause of education, she with noble moral sentiment, a high degree of responsibility, consciously fulfill the sacred duty of teaching.
(Editing: Wang Yunchong)

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