. The academic papers of our group won the "special prize of annual papers of E-Party knowledge base" in 2021
The academic papers of our group won the "special prize of annual papers of E-Party knowledge base" in 2021

       With the pace of spring, the Third Academic Salon was held at the teaching staff's house of 43 teaching building at 2:00 p.m. on April 2, 2022 under the chairmanship of Dr. Wang Yanhua, grade 21. This Academic Salon invited Dr. Zheng Yanfei, a doctor of level 21, to explain how he fought with the reviewers, which benefited both online and offline students.

       First of all, elder martial sister Yanfei briefly introduced the whole process of publishing the paper, and then went straight to the theme of this lecture and how to reply to the comments of reviewers. For the reviewer's comments, the elder martial sister reminded you to carefully analyze the reviewer's comments, have a detailed response to each comment, and provided you with a template for replying to the reviewer's comments.
       The elder martial sister analyzed the draft and gave her own opinions to the reviewers. For non-technical problems, elder martial sister suggested that you modify them directly according to the comments of the reviewer, and thanked the reviewer for his correction; For technical problems, the elder martial sister warned everyone to pay special attention to them, and to seek truth from facts and act according to their ability. If it can be solved, it shall be solved according to the requirements of the reviewer. If it cannot be solved, it shall also answer the reviewer's questions on the basis of reasonable analysis. Elder martial sister also kindly prepared some common reply templates for you to use in the future (now)! (attached in PDF)

       Finally, the elder martial sister communicated with online and offline students in the form of questions. Even Shaohan, Wang Yanhua and other students shared their own experience, which benefited everyone a lot!
       Mr. Han Rui participated in the whole process and listened to everyone's ideas and opinions, and spoke highly of the sharing of elder martial sister Zheng Yanfei. Mr. Han advocates that we should maintain a benign competitive relationship to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation, so as to make each student become a better self. At the same time, Mr. Han also raised the communication between tutors and students. I hope students can improve their personal ability and achieve themselves under the guidance of tutors!
       Finally, the Third Academic Salon was successfully held!

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